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Jumping to Conclusions and Assuming Adultery is a Common Marriage Problem  




I heard a story about adultery the other day which showed how easy it is to get something completely innocent so totally out of context that it could destroy a marriage.


It was one of those times when believing in your marriage, trusting your partner and not jumping the gun when faced with the thought of adultery could save your marriage.


It was a totally innocent misunderstanding, an assumption of adultery, that could have had dire consequences if the person in question hadn’t had the sense to get all the facts straight before jumping to conclusions and wrecking her marriage.


The story as told was a very compelling argument for believing that a husband was cheating on his spouse developed from a total misinterpretation of what was seen at the time.


You had a husband in his car kissing a woman who wasn’t his wife. Now how clear is that, cut and dried adultery – or what!!! 


The person who saw him knew the car, knew exactly who it was and was 100% sure that the person he was kissing was not his wife. She was ready to shout 'adultery' from the roof tops and hang him out to dry.


She couldn’t stand buy and let him get away with adultery so told his wife, like any good friend would (or so she thought), in the certain knowledge that he had been cheating on his wife. 


Luckily her friend, defied that all to common marriage problem of jumping to conclusions and had faith in her husband and the presence of mind to get the facts straight before diving headlong in and accusing her husband of committing adultery and, as it happened, what transpired was that it wasn’t her husband at all. Her brother-in-law, who looked very much like her husband, had borrowed the car to take his girlfriend out on a date. 


The friend had seen the car alright and had seen a man kissing a girl but just not the right man. The lesson to be learned is that there are always two sides to every story, good communication is critical and getting your facts straight rather than jumping the gun could save your marriage.


A sound case of when adultery was fiction not fact!!


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Author: Terry Ross








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