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Bad Habits are so Hard to Break but Do You Really Want to Enforce your Bad Habits on Your Partner 


Have you ever thought how annoying little bad habits can be? It doesn’t matter so much when it’s just you, if there is no one to see you or hear you than what the hell and if your habits are more of a life threatening nature then while you are on your own it’s easy to ignore the long term implications those bad habits can bring. When you’re in a relationship it puts a whole new perspective on things, your partner and your family are enforced to put up with those annoying traits that can put a real dampener on what would otherwise be a blissful union. Isn’t it about time that you learnt how to break any habit and save your partner, from having to suffer one of those common marriage problems…..


Biting your fingernails or picking your feet might not seem such an issue but when you’re the one having to sit there and listen to it then it’s a whole new ball game. Then you get into the issues such as dirty clothes all over the floor or smoking. Bad habits that are fine if both partners are of a like mind but what about when one is tidy and the other just doesn’t care or one smokes and the other doesn’t. Smokers often can’t see what the issue is but they soon learn when they give up. Haven’t you noticed how intolerant to smoke previous smokers can be? Learning to break such habits, in fact learning to break any habit can be hard but if you want your relationship to last, consider your partner, make an effort to understand the impact bad habits have on your relationship and then see what help is around to enable you to break those habits now.



Like most common marriage problemsbad habits just creep up on you, they start off as quite small and insignificant but then compound and grow until they start to have a negative impact on your whole relationship. You get into the realms of, ‘if you loved me you would’nt do that’ or ‘if you do that once more I’ll scream’. Of course the partner with the annoying habit just assumes it’s a blip, it will all blow over, they didn’t mean it and it will be all OK tomorrow.


The truth is, things do appear to settle down but then the issue starts to fester, eat away at your relationship through a lack of communication and understanding and lack of desire to apply some give and take. If in fact you do care for your partner and what to save your marriageis it such a bad thing to break annoying habits that might not only have a negative impact on your relationship but also your career or other aspects of your personal life.


Breaking bad habitsin a marriage isn’t always easy, but it’s a better option than ending up in the divorce courts and your never know, kicking the habit might add a whole new meaning to your life.


Whatever that bad habit is, avoiding sex, not spending time as a couple, smoking, drinking, biting your nails or eating too much when you are married or in a full time relationship it’s not just you to think about. Bear a thought for you partner, put yourself in their shoes, and be honest about whether or not they have a valid point. Like all common marriage problems it’s just a case of communication, learning to understand each others point of view and then working together, and not pulling in opposite directions to, in this case, learn how to break any habit and add a whole new meaning to your relationship.




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