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Cheating Wives are Becoming a Common Marriage Problem



So much emphasis is put on cheating husbands that people often loose site of the increasing dalliances of cheating wives

It is becoming more and more common marriage problem for wives to cheat on their husbands, with over 50% of women cheating at some point during their married lives, often in pursuit of the feel good factor and the thrill that cheating on their partners brings.


Historically not so much emphasis was placed on romance, fulfilment and desire with most women accepting their lot. Intimacy was rarely spoken about and women had minimal experience and little knowledge as to what fulfilment truly meant.


Now it’s different, on the back of greater knowledge, it is becoming increasingly common for women to actively seek sexual fulfilment and many are unsatisfied with partners who haven’t learned how to bring passion and excitement into their lovemaking. Cheating wiveshave now moved beyond the stage where they are prepared to accept their lot, they crave passionate and fulfilling lovemaking rather than boring sex and are prepared to seek their thrills outside of the marital bed.


For some cheating wives safe and secure is no longer at the top of the shopping list with many women living for today and throwing caution to the wind.


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