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Divorce Statistics

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Searching for divorce statistics? STOP think about why you are looking for them.

If you are considering divorce stop looking at divorce statistics as a way to justify what you are planning to do. So what if the divorce statistics show that nearly half of marriages end in divorce, do you really want to think of your marriage as a statistic?

So you want to get divorced does it really matter how many people have been there before you? Can a divorce statistic really help you make such a life changing decision? And if it can shouldn’t you ask yourself why?

A divorce decision should be about you and your partner not about a stack of failed marriages which form part of the latest divorce statistics. You are just kidding yourself if you believe divorce can be justified on the grounds of the misfortune of others. Don’t we spend our lives trying not to become a mere statistic so shouldn’t it be the same with divorce.

Step back and THINK. What makes you believe you should be seeking a divorce?

Your decision is going to affect the whole family, just not you and your partner so make sure you are 100% sure there is no other option before you communicate your decision to seek a divorce. Before you become a statistic seriously think about why you feel you need to go down the divorce route and consider:
• the emotional impact
• the financial impact
• the impact on the children
• the impact on your home and your family life
• will you actually be any happier

Just another statistic for you – on average couples who get divorced are no happier after they get a divorce than before and are, on average, no happier in a new relationship.

Still want a divorce? or do you want try and save your marriage?

Sorry I side tracked, so back to the matter of divorce statistics and divorce. So what comes hand in hand with divorce? Your standard of living is likely to drop, your social life might suffer and your children might struggle to cope with the loss of a parent in their day to day lives to name just a few of the downsides.

I’m not pointing out how hard it’s likely to be to try and stop you seeking a divorce, I am just saying seriously think about it, make an informed decision based on your own personal circumstances and not on a load of divorce statistics. Make sure it is 100% what you want before you do it.

Have you explored all the options and ruled out any hope of being able to save your marriage:
• Is there absolutely no way of saving your marriage?
• Have you tried marriage counselling
• Have you established the route cause of your marriage problems?
• Is there honestly no way of eliminating the cause? Is divorce the only way out?
• What about on-line help?
• Have you tried this unique method that boasts a 90% success rate of stopping divorce – save a marriage (LINK)?
• Have you tried talking your marriage problems with a trusted family member or a friend? They might help you see your relationship from a new perspective.
• Is divorce really what you want?

Divorce is a major step despite the divorce statistics it’s not easy either emotionally or financially. All’s I ask is that you explore every options and be sure of what you you are doing before taking that final step.

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