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Marriage Problems can be Trivial when compared to the Alternatives


I was talking to a friend the other day about marriage problems and the conversation got totally turned around with the discussion ending up being about how hard life can be for people who are lonely. When you think of how many people now live alone and see how they crave any form of company you begin to understand how trivial marriage problems can be and how important it is to take care of your marriage.

It might not always be easy to live with your spouse but have you ever given real consideration to what life might be like without them?  So many people take their marriage vows, quickly learn that marriage isn’t quite the fairy tale they expected, suffer a few common marriage problems and start looking for the way out.

Nothing in life is easy, or not for the vast majority of us anyway, and marriage can be just like everything else, plan hard work. You just have to learn to look beyond your daily life, sort out marriage problems in the same way you work through any other problems in your life and you’ll quickly learn that marriage comes with lifetime rewards.

I bumped into someone the other day who I hadn’t seen for a long time. She had just got married but just two weeks into the union she was already struggling to cope with sharing her life. There didn’t appear to be a real marriage problems just a few teething issues that should have been easily resolved yet this person who was a brilliant career person, able to quickly adapt to change in her working life and refocus at the drop of a hat just couldn’t see her way through a few minor problems at the start of her marriage.

We talked for quite a while after which she began to see what she thought were serious marriage problems were merely just small, petty, resolvable issues that just needed to be dealt with so that she could get on with enjoying life.

What became quite clear is that people are trained for their careers, training is considered important and a way to make it to the top. With marriage there is no training and there still appears to be a stigma attached to those who try and get the valuable help that they need when they find that they are unable to sort marriage problems on their own.

What people need to understand is getting the communication right in a marriage is important but for many people communication just doesn’t come naturally. Often there are just two choices, get help to fix marriage problems and save your marriage or just give up without a fight and let your marriage end up in the divorce courts.

Getting help to save your marriage is the right thing to do. Training is important in every aspect of your life including your marriage. Don’t feel shy about seeking help from marriage experts who have dedicated years of their lives to understanding what marriage is all about. If you can’t fix your marriage problems on your own don’t just throw in the towel when a little push in the right direction might be all you need to return your marriage to wedded bliss.  




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