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Why do Men Cheat


Why do men cheat is a question that is not so easy to answer and before we even start we have to clarify what we really mean by cheating. Cheating to some people is just glancing at a good looking woman as she walks down the street or thinking about that sexy looking number that’s displayed on the calendar or thinking ‘if only I was single ….’.

Before we can even start to consider why men cheat we first need to understand at what point a women believes her partner is cheating on her. A woman who lacks confidence, doesn’t feel good about herself and is full of insecurities might become paranoid at the mere mention of another woman while someone who is full of self-confidence and is comfortable in herself and with her relationship is far less likely to get concerned with straying eyes and a meaningless comment.

Before answering the question ‘why do men cheat’ we need to confirm our understanding as to what is normal behavior for a man. Can we get upset when a man enjoys a little flirtatious behavior or remarks on the good looks of super model if the act or comment bears no substance? What constitutes as cheating. Innocent actions that in no way impacts the way a men feel about their partner is harmless, it’s how much men can be trusted to draw the line and not physically cheat that matters.

It has become easier for men to cheat over the years with couples often leading relatively separate lives with the lone trips to the gym, the night out with the lads and the common reluctance to find activities that can be enjoyed with their spouse. Then there’s the children to consider so couples often take separate holidays and work different hours which all add up to lots of time when you can meet someone else.  It’s not even intentional but the likelihood that a friendship will start and progress and for men to cheat is far greater than if you were in the company of your partner.

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