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Signs of Infidelity


It’s not always obvious when your partner is cheating on you, some signs of infidelity are just very subtle changes in your partner’s behaviour. Everyone is different and how one person handles such a delicate situation can be completely different to another. A successful gambler for example could probably cover their tracks far easier than a person who is normally far more open and transparent in their behaviour.

Signs of infidelity can differ greatly from one relationship to another but one common thread is that something, no matter how small or how subtle, will have changed.

If your partner has suddenly changed, maybe become more remote or less intimate and you have that funny feeling that something isn’t quite right then you might want to look for some obvious signs that your spouse is cheating on you.

Perhaps mutual friends have started acting differently towards you, less friendly, can’t look you in the eye, avoid coming round or no longer want to discuss family issues.  If so raise the question, as if there is something wrong, just do a little digging without letting on that you have your suspicions and just see how uncomfortable they become.

If your partner is spending more and more time away from home just start asking questions, nothing obvious but show a keen interest in how their day has been and what they have been doing. A cheating spouse will find it more and more difficult to be involved in such a conversation.

Other signs of infidelity could be:

·         A sudden urge to get fit, always at the gym but wants to do it on their own.

·         Longer working hours, unexplained changes in working patterns or an increase in the number of nights away from home.

·         A new cell phone that you don’t know about or an reluctance you let you near their existing phone. Becomes possessive about phone calls, deletes messages or starts using nick names in their phone directory.

·         A need to get to the mail first or an sudden eagerness to answer the phone.

·         Your partner starts leaving the room when they are on the phone.

·         Suddenly takes and interest in new clothes or a heightened interest in their day to day appearance.

·         Becomes defensive, avoids conversation or appears uncomfortable when asked about their day or where they have been.

·         Acquires an unusual interest or knowledge about local pubs, hotels or attractions.

·         Stops wearing a special / symbolic item of jewellery or even their wedding ring.

·         Finds any excuse to leave the room or the house

·         Stops going to bed when you do, avoids initimate moments, looses interest in sex or starts spending long hours at the computer.

·         An increase in the amount of cash withdrawn from your joint account, a new bank account or an unexplained shortage of money.

·         Weird phone calls whereby the caller keeps hanging up but it only happens to you.

Some of the more transparent signs of infidelity are such things as the appearance of little gifts that weren’t purchased by yourself or your partner, regularly smells of a perfume or aftershave that isn’t yours. A cheating spouse may carry condoms when you don’t use them as a couple or start having showers as soon as they arrive home.

The list is endless with many signs of infidelity being subtle in nature and also an indication of something totally different such as stress, depression, boredom or early signs of illness.  If you believe your partner is having an affair don’t just jump in with guns blazing, do your homework, confirm your suspicions 100% before doing something you might regret and possibly destroying your marriage. 

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