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Resolving Common Marriage Problems is All About Striking the Right Balance. 

One of the most amazing things about marriage is the joining of the two halves. Marriage is all about a partnership geared towards achieving the same common goal, the ability to overcome whatever life throws at you just because you are together, secure in the knowledge that your life is complete. The inability to strike the right balance in a relationship is one of those small, niggley, common marriage problems that sends a marriage off course preventing couples from experiencing the exhilarating highs of that perfect bond.

One of the great joys of marriage is the ability to work together as one, pool your strengths and support each other, without question, through the highs and lows of life. Unfortunately it is all too common in marriage that one partners needs are seen as more important as the other and just through a few small selfish, often unwitting, acts the relationship is sent off balance and other common marriage problems arise.

Generally it is the weaker partner that suffers, with then giving in to the others needs, just thinking that it doesn’t really matter this once. The trouble is that it never is just this once. The stronger partner gets used to doing things their way and the just this once turns into a continuous pattern which spirals out of control resulting in a one sided and imbalanced relationship.

How often do you see partners assume roles based on gender? But why, in this modern society when both partners are working and the chores have to get done at the end of the day do we still continue down the path that tasks should be split according to gender? So many husbands refuse to help with the household chores claiming they are a woman’s work. I know many men that believe that it is their right to enjoy themselves at the end of the day without having to get embroiled in chores but what about their wives? Do they honestly think that most women enjoy having to come home to cooking, cleaning and ironing, not on your life!!

For a marriage to succeed in this modern society partners need to be flexible, unselfish and conscious of each others needs.  Strong marriages are built on trust, communication and the combining of resources. Both partners bring a certain uniqueness to the relationship, their own individual strengths and failings that are combined and used for the greater good of the marriage. Both should contribute equally, in their own way, share the ups and the downs.

When one partner fails to contribute, thinks of their own needs ahead of those of their family, a relationship will start to fail. An imbalance, which is an all too common marriage problem, will occur with one partner feel isolated, unappreciated and ignored.

The aim of any marriage is for both partners to get what they want out of life, achieve fulfilment, be able to work towards their dreams and do it all knowing their partner is happy and fulfilled in their own right. Life changes, dreams change and peoples need change. The secret of a perfect marriage is learning to be flexible, tackling marriage problems together, respecting each others needs and knowing when and how to change.

Don’t let all too common marriage problems put an end to your marriage, break the habit, learn to communicate, learn to be flexible and learn the art of give and take and above all else work towards both partners goals.

Author: Terry Ross


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