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Common Marriage Problem – Bailing Out When the Going Gets Tough




Perhaps it’s because life has become easier over the years or perhaps it’s just because people have higher expectations than they did in the past but whatever the reason one of the most common marriage problems is to bail out when the going gets a little tough.


In recent years we have seen an ever increasing number of marriage problems and failed marriages partly as a result of the perceived need for greater independence but also as a result of a common trend towards giving up at the first sign of a marriage problem.


Life rarely runs smooth, nor does marriage and those that enjoy a marriage totally free from common marriage problems are in a rare minority. There is always going to be something that couples disagree on from how to raise the children to what money the family needs to earn to how couples should spend their time. For most, common marriage problems sit in the sidelines just waiting to take hold and it’s just what couples do about it that makes the greatest difference.


I’m very lucky in that all but one of my immediate family are still happily married with the only casualty being after 30 years of marriage. What seems to be a common thread is the commitment to stick by each other no matter what life’s cards are dealt. Most of my family have experienced some challenging times be it financial, health or other issues but none have let major life hurdles or minor marriage problems destroy the foundation of their life, their marriage.


We are masters of our own destiny. If we want to do something there is little that can prevent us from doing it unless of course you want to travel in space but don’t have millions in spare change! Even if a major marriage problem is thrown at us such as our partner cheating on us we have the choice. We can forgive and give them a second chance or throw away years of our lives over what could have perhaps been a meaningless moment of weakness.


I’m not saying I advocate infidelity in any shape or form and I fully support those who find it difficult to recover from such a betrayal. It’s common for some marriages, even previously strong marriages to struggle to survive long term or even one off infidelity. What I am saying is that you need to look beyond the immediate marriage problem to the marriage itself and establish whether or not, if you eliminated the problem to hand, you could rebuild the marriage from what could be still a very solid foundation. 


It’s very easy to jump from a sinking ship, it takes a far more strength of character to look at the cause and fix it. Common marriage problems should be viewed as a wake up call to pay more attention to those you love.


Author: Terry Ross



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